Too Many Words, Not Quite Enough Music


On some days country music seems to be pretty damned unimportant. Some days very little seems important other than waking up and knowing everyone you love is safe. Today is one of those days. What I wrote yesterday is not vital in any way, but then so little of what I think and do ever is. I dare say, you might feel that about yourself too.

But what is important stuff? Important is the humdrum, the regular, the prosaic. Last night a bunch of kids went to a gig to experience being taken away from that for a few hours and after it was all over some never came home. Some will never come home.

Music was the pull for may of these young people last night and I strongly suspect it will be to music they return for comfort in the days ahead.Today it feels like there are a lot of words out there and not quite enough music. So I’m not going to add any more.

Tonight we’ll be playing music, country music as that’s what we do. We’ll be joined by Rab Noakes reflecting on his love of the genre. We’ll be on air at five past nine on BBC Radio Scotland as usual. As ever and as long as we are able we’ll imagine Another Country, the one where everybody’s welcome.


4 thoughts on “Too Many Words, Not Quite Enough Music

  1. Well thought and appropriate sentiments… I will be looking forward to what will be a great show…

  2. I was a kid when I first came to see Deacon Blue at Hammersmith in 1991. I’m bringing my 6 year old to Edinburgh Castle in July. Very sad times.

  3. We carry on, we always have and always will.
    These acts of cowardice only make us stronger.
    This is Country Music… and WE DO!!!!

  4. Listening to the show on iPlayer. Loving Rab Noakes. Great stories told so casually and in such a self evasive way. And he brought his own discs in! You need to make him a regular. Great double act.

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