This is the last show in the present series so let’s re-cap what I didn’t know six weeks ago.

We didn’t know about Madison Violet. They have been a revelation and their album “No Fool For Trying” has been playing in the house and the car regularly. Let’s hope they do keep that promise to return soon.

On the same note I discovered that their gig at the CCA was part of the Fallen Angels Club.   This is run by Kevin Morris and is putting on a run of great shows in Scotland which many of you listening would enjoy. It was only in July that I became aware of The Low Anthem and their visit to PQ and gig in Oran Mor were also highlights of the series. Although Grizzly Bear didn’t record their session in Glasgow we were able to locate them in Maida Vale and the session which the BBC engineers recorded for us there was exceptional. Perhaps the most ambitious album we’ve played, Veckatimest will be on many people’s “best of the year” lists come December.

(At this point I want to edit myself. Just there I fell in to that awful trap of talking about lists. It is only the sad, old or young male that does lists so please slap my wrists the next time I do this.)

So in no particular order let’s mention some other artists we’ve been enjoying: The Cave Singers, J Tillman, The Duke and The King, Levon Helm, Ohbijou, The Antlers, Monsters of Folk and The Felice Bothers. Perhaps the highlight for me has been the session and interview with Richmond Fontaine and I have enjoyed  their album very much.

In amongst all this there are still great albums coming out by established artists and Roseanne Cash, Louden Wainwright III, Jimmy Webb and Bob Dylan please take a bow. On Tuesday we will play something new from the New Kris Kristofferson album and very good it sounds too.

I also made a discovery this week. A good friend of the programme sent me a tip about a new band from Bath in Somerset called Kill It Kid who are doing interesting things. I think you might enjoy hearing their music which we will feature on Tuesday too.

On the theme of the British Isles – but even closer to home – we are lucky enough to have Blue Flint as our guests live in the Tuesday night. They are from Edinburgh, they are a banjo duo and have just released their debut album which is a really interesting piece of work.

The world is so full of such wonderful things we should all be as happy as kings.