I don’t want to bore you about how good Gilian Welch and Dave Rawlings were the other night, especially if you couldn’t make it. But there is something worthy of a little discussion here coming from that brilliant night: Interval Music. Who listens? Who picks it? How loud and how good should it be?

Gill and Dave’s selection was spot on. A less secure act would have thought twice about coming back on and even I did wonder at the what might come next….

Charlie Rich – Behind Closed Doors, The Louvin Brothers and two George Jones songs that were worth leaving your house for….. a risky game to play. I remember as a kid noticing some band playing the Last Record Album as a pre gig tape…..I thought they must be crazy, how could they top that. If memory serves me well, though, they did. Perhaps it’s the very act of raising the bar and saying ‘There is an entire Universe of  pop music out there and frankly, we feel that’s great but it’s inspired us to create …THIS!

People tell me the Alison Krauss show was also a great night at the Armadillo. I wonder what they played before they came on stage? Feel free to let me know. I know this much about that day…Alison was in fine form and chatting to us about everything. We talked early bluegrass days, her first solo adventures, picking songs, Robert Plant and of course ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou.’ She told us about T Bone and gave us a little insight into why a song might be cut by her and others left on the shelf. She has one of the sweetest voices in popular music, she is the recipient of 36 Grammys (at the last count) and she is a very nice person to be around. Experience Alison Krauss in full this Friday on Another Country.

We have new music from A.A. Bondy, My Darling Clementine, Crooked Still and a new solo project from Craig Finn. (from The Hold Steady) We’ll also dip into the Dylan album with one of the most iconic covers of all time …….

……..and play you where he was in 1963. It’s all in Another Country this Friday on BBC Radio Scotland. The fun starts at five past eight.