What did you do this week? I spent most of mine locked in a very nice recording studio making music….I intend to carry this on with a short stop to play some country music on the airwaves on Friday. A lot of what I saw looked a bit like this:


However, on my back and forth to work I also got a chance to listen to some wonderful things including new music from The Pines, Andrew Bird, Norah Jones and a wonderful clash of Dr John working with Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys. I bought a compilation by this man…..


I managed some time on Tuesday to catch up with these folk….


And I inflicted on anyone that came within earshot my dear love of the current single by this band….

Now if you’re struggling to put a name to any of the above artists then you are definitely in need of Friday’s show where I will help match visuals to music.How that all fits into Friday’s stew is completely up to Richard Murdoch but I can tell you that we spent a few pleasant hours with Lindi Ortega a few weeks back.

She came into the BBC in Glasgow, cut a few live songs and I sat down for a long chat to find out more about what has brought her music to us. I think there will be much to enjoy for y’all come Friday night. It all starts at five past eight on BBC Radio Scotland.


On Sunday..


I’ll be talking to Stephen Armstrong about this book and what it tells us of where we live. I’ll warn you now, Stephen’s country seems to be a slightly different one than the place George Osborne was describing on my radio this morning.

I’ll spend a lot of the first hour with the remarkable Mary Lappin. Mary is a former primary school teacher who now lectures at Glasgow University – she is responsible for bringing educational programme, ‘Seasons For Growth’ from Australia to Scotland. Mary is enthusiastic to talk with and is passionate about her work – part of this passion comes from “living her faith everyday”.

We’ll talk to Syrian people exiled in Scotland about how they view events in their home land and as always we’ll play great music. More from Norah Jones…why wouldn’t you…..Arrested Development, Sam Cooke, Sean O’Leary and Tom Waits.  All from five past seven on Sunday morning. Join me if you can.