Friday is Children in Need Day.  There’s plenty going on across BBC Radio Scotland without our help but we felt we didn’t want to break the spirit of the day. So this week we are playing songs recorded for children. We hope to hear tracks from some of our favourite artists including….

…and of course……

and it wouldn’t be Friday if we didn’t have a song from………

Now if you don’t know that these folk I just mentioned are Johnny cash (with Roseanne on his lap), Woody Guthrie, patty Griffin and Buddy Miller, don’t worry….you’ll have the joy of hearing them, perhaps, for the first time.

We will also talk to Laura Veirs about her wonderful children’s project Tumble Bee…..

….and play some of her great children’s songs from that album. So put on your Onesie, make some hot chocolate, curl up by the fire and let the wireless do the rest. Got the drift? Good – well this week don’t shoo your kids away or be tempted to turn over to another station. Stay with us and we’ll give you songs which show that Country can be child-friendly too.

We’ll not forget our commitment to bring you fresh new recordings and indeed, we already have a big pile of records we want to share with you. There will be new music from The Staves, Beth Orton, Charlie Dore and The Wooden Sky.

It all kicks off at five past eight this Friday on BBC Radio Scotland.

Sunday Morning

I’ll spend some quality time with Gerard Burns. You may think you don’t know Gerard but I’ll be you know his paintings……

We spoke to him earlier in the year when he  used some members of Glasgow’s Emmaus project as models for his  painting for Lentfest of the Road to Emmaus. We’ll talk about painting, faith, stress and…rock ‘n’ roll. My kind of conversation….

Maybe there’s never a perfect time to talk about Israel and Palestine but Anthony Lerman’s new book ‘The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist’ is a fresh take on The British Jewish experience. We’ll talk about the Zionism he thought he believed in and his own vision for the future of Israel.

We will review the new film, The Master.….

(though it only seems to garner 5 star reviews! ) and we will begin a fantastic new series where Bob Dixon introduces us to some Folk Saints. This week it’s the amazing life of Stella Reekie.

We’ll also chat to Rony Bridges who’s recently become a writer-in-residence at Glasgow’s Barlinnie Prison.

All that and music from The Johnny Otis Show, Ella Fitzgerald, Neil Diamond and Of Monsters and Men.

It all starts at five past seven on Sunday Morning and is the best bits are now available as a Podcast from BBC Radio Scotland website.