…I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings. (Robert Louis Stevenson – a fine writer and Scotsman to boot)

I’ve had a wonderful few weeks and I did mean to send everyone a postcard from Brighton….


That’s why, having spent a number of weeks on the road, I’ll be very happy to be land-locked in studio 6 on Friday night with a pile of new records to share with you. This Friday, my friend, there are no guests, no session versions, only great new records. And boy, do we have some great new music for you.

Here’s what we have lined up so far: New records from the fab Phosphorescent, Ruth Moody and Holly Williams. New discoveries….we hear from Daniel Meade for the first time. Daniel’s from Scotland and we’ll also share some great new records from fellow Scottish artists Woodenbox and Peter Roe. We’ll introduce you to Brazos and we’ll hear some great vintage recordings from Hank Thompson, The Carter Family and Tom T Hall. Does that whet your appetite enough?

As I mentioned earlier I’ve been on the road these last few weeks. I’ve been pleased to have My Darling Clementine as my special guests each night and Michael and Lou have given me a sneak listen to their new record. Tomorrow night I’ll be able to share some of that with you. The album comes out in september and I hope we can catch up with them for all their news later this year.

One of the loveliest things about my road trip was meeting people who listen to the AC. (not just in Scotland either). Here’s my fellow blogger Adam and me enjoying an after show beer in London at The Union Chapel. Adam it was great to put a face to such a loyal and articulate listener.



I’ve been nearly everywhere man…..so tomorrow night I’ll be back in the saddle again……. It’s being with Gregor Philp – I can’t stop punning. I’ll have stopped by tomorrow when the old valves will start to glow just on five past eight on BBC Radio Scotland. Do join me if you can.