It’s funny how it works. A friend phones you up and tells you something.My pal Davie Scott (musician, academic and radio presenter of this parish) had been over to Toronto a few months ago. He came back raving about a band he’d seen twice within the few days he’d been there. The band was The Milk Carton Kids and by glorious coincidence that very day their new album popped out of an envelope on Richard Murdoch’s AC desk. As you may well know, we have been playing their music pretty frequently in these last few months. I’m delighted to say we’ve now caught up with Kenneth and Joey from the band and recorded a brilliant session, a very funny interview and even filmed them for our website. (You’ll like the fact that the lads dress up for each occasion) There is no novelty here though. This is an act with two strong singer/songwriters, fabulous harmonies and some beautiful guitar picking. You might well say, what’s not to like? If you hold a warm place for The Everlys, Simon and Garfunkel or closer still Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings you are going to enjoy our guests hugely. As well as all of that there’s some very dry humour being thrown into the mix.


I’ve been on the road myself these last couple of weeks so it’s been my pleasure to take a pile of albums along for the ride. Let me share a personal gripe here. These days it’s almost getting harder – not easier to listen as you travel. My new Mac has no disk drive…are they nuts? I had to buy a disk drive but discovered that our luxury tour bus – all mod cons fitted  – is really fab, but bounces too much on the back axle to allow my disk drive to work properly. Undaunted I have listened on and found some wonderful things to play you. Look out for a splendid new album from Scott Miller. We will tell you more about Leyla McCalla – from the Carolina Chocolate Drops and share new music from Agnes Obel and Jonathan Wilson. We will also reflect on the fact that it’s 40 years ago this week since the death of this man.


I first bought his albums around 1977 when they were reduced and were a real bargain at £1.99. Grevious Angel was the album which really made the difference to my life and, I’m sure, led me to this sjow all these years later. We’ll talk, play and reflect on Gram Parsons this Friday too. We’ll also catch up with some new records from Andy Fairweather Low, Neko Case and Darrell Scott. If I have time too I’d like to share a little from the new offering by one of our most fascinating guests over the last few years: Tony Joe White. There’s a good interview in the UK’s brand new Country Music magazine which is brought out by the classic rock people. It’s worth a look too if you want their opinion on some modern country classics you might have missed. This all kicks of on Friday at five past eight on BBC Radio Scotland.