One of the joys of broadcasting on BBC Radio Scotland is the knowledge that people can listen from all the outcrops of lowland, highland and island Scotland. I remember doing the late shift a few years back and getting a lovely text in from a couple camping on Islay who were sitting by their tent tuning in. It’s odd what connects you but I think these brief missives gave me a desire to re connect to the country where I live.

I’ve spent so many years of my life trying to get to places very far from home that I now realise ( almost too late) that the only new things I’m really keen to experience are all here in Scotland. I started in earnest this year by going touring to Stornoway, Ullapool and Orkney. Next month I venture to Shetland – I have been once before but I’m looking forward to seeing it through more experienced eyes. We had a Highland holiday last week in our favourite part of the world, Nethybridge. The full glory of Speyside, Abernethy and the Cairngorms was there for us to enjoy and enjoy it we did. The dog loved swimming in Loch an Eilein and we all loved walking, cycling and generally soaking up the Highland air. The local rumour is that Bob Dylan has a house there and if he does, he made the right choice. It’s paradise. So it will be great to be back in studio 6 this Friday imagining those radio waves hitting north, west, east and south of Scotland.

If you listen in you’ll hear a session from this man:


Daniel Meade in his own words is “a singer of songs from Glasgow, Scotland, drawing on the influence of Hank Williams, Big Bill Broonzy, Jerry Lee Lewis and Old Crow Medicine Show to name a few of the too many to name. Been around the world a couple of times, round the block a few more times, tells tales of the heart through a hurting head.. Something for those who have lived a little. Enjoy!”

We’ll find out more on Friday I’m certain when Daniel and his band join us for one of those special hours from Studio One.

We have some lovely new things from The Avett Brothers, Willie Nelson and The Secret Sisters and Jonathan Wilson. We’ll introduce you to Son of Dave and hear some lovely things from Waylon Jennings with Johnny Cash and George Strait, Kacey Musgraves and Amanda Shires.


I’m back on Sunday Mornings too..


Have you ever seen or read Touching The Void? If you have you’ll be fascinated by my special guest this Sunday, Joe Simpson. Joe’s story is one of these ones you can’t really believe. Even his closest climbing companion assumed he was dead until he turned up badly injured three days later at base camp. That expedition became the defining story of Joe’s life and 25 years after the publication of the book I’ll be finding out some more about what kind of man Joe Simpson is.


It’s been a bitter week for people in Grangemouth. As I write there’s a glimmer of hope but we all know these kind of industrial disputes can end badly. So what happens when people go into arbitration? We find out what can be expected and what people need to bring to make it work from some people who’ve been there.

We celebrate The UK Jewish Film Festival by reviewing The Jewish Cardinal based on the true story of French cleric Jean-Marie Lustiger.

And…….how many Godparents do you need?

There will, of course, be music. We’ll hear from Hem, Leyla McCalla, Nancy and Lee, Billy Preston and …more.

It all starts this Sunday morning from five past seven on BBC Radio Scotland. Join me if you can.