I did find myself at a gig once where a young star was strutting his stuff on stage. To their right was the father. Not, note, standing proudly in the wings but on stage, guitar in hand jumping up and down with glee. It would have been a bad dance at the best of times but in the presence of offspring and offspring’s peers (and me) it was a little embarrassing. Now I’m the first to admit that the duty of the parent is to embarrass your teenagers as often as possible – hell they’ve made your lives uncomfortable enough. But I found myself whispering to a friend that night,’If you ever see me doing this, shoot me.’

I have been known to share the stage with a daughter on, at least one occasion of course. I think I’m happier that they were helping me out than I’d be trying to fit in on their thing. I used to threaten to DJ (all country music) for some of my kids’ parties. They blanched at the very idea. On the AC this week then, we celebrate children and parents who not only like being in the same room but literally sing from the same hymn sheet. They are musical partners who have learned from or taught the other. We have Johnny and Rosanne, Naomi and Wynona and Willie and Lukas. We’ll also give you something from these two…..


I know, but as Mr Murdoch said when he sent me the picture, ‘They sound better than they look.’ Not hard we grant you but well worth it. They were/are The Kendalls and they won a Grammy you know…

We’ll have lots of new things including a proper release from Dundee’s Anderson,McGinty, Webster,Ward and Fisher.

We’ll also take you for a wander round this town…



I’ve probably bored you with this before but I came back from Nashville last year raving about The Bakersfield exhibition at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. It was a reminder of the wonderful music that came out of that little town in Califiornia in the Fifties and Sixties and I’m delighted that Vince Gill and Paul Franklin have decided to celebrate it on their new album.

We’ll also remind you that the Capital of Country Music has its own dark side too…well you knew that I’m sure.

I think there’s loads more but we will surprise you on Friday. Before of all that I’m due to make a slightly longer than normal appearnce on Get It On with Brian Burnett. Blame this guy…




On Sunday

I’ll spend a fair amount of time talking to John Niven who has had me laughing out loud this last week. Like the best writers Amis (both), Updike, Wolf and Irving he makes you stop and reflect too; and his own brother’s story – which has a strong echo in the story of his latest novel, Straight White Male– is a very moving story of a life cut short.


We’ll spend some time hearing about a great street project in Lusaka and meet Chakwe Dawa from the Mthunzi Centre  who is visiting Scotland and interacting musically with some Scottish school children. Chakwe’s own story is heartbreaking. He lost both parents early and for some time was abandoned on the streets of Luaka. Saved by the people of Mthunzi he now works from the centre as a social worker engaging with the new Chakwes who are often still left homeless.

We will reflect on Prisoners Week and look back 50 years to think about what Scottish Catholics expected when they first heard there was to be an Roman Catholic President in the USA for the first, and so far, only time.

Music from Mr Niz, Genesis, Syd Straw, Macklemore and Lewis, Bon Iver, Bonnie Prince Billie and Dawn McCarthy and something very beautiful from the late John Tavener. That’s why you need to join me from Seven on Sunday Morning on BBC Radio Scotland.