When shadows fall where you lie sleeping in that dark hour before the dawn. Your breathing calm, your lone heart beating.Give me the strength to carry on.

Touchstone: Eliza Gilkyson

They say it’s the hours between midnight and 4 a.m. You know the feeling; the worst things you can imagine and your darkest fears all seem more troubling then than at any other time of day. It’s these worries and doubts that Eliza Gilyson chronicles on her brilliant new album, Nocturne Diaries. She’s in Scotland this week to play a show at The Fallen Angels Club and we couldn’t let her go through town without coming in to say hello.


We’ll be talking to Eliza about Austin – her home town, her producer Cisco – who’s also her son and, to keep things familial, her father, the late Terry Gilkyson who wrote some songs you probably imagined were always there! She’ll be performing a song first performed by her father’s folk group, The Easy Riders as well as some other tracks from the Nocturne Diaries. “The songs that come in the night are very different than the daylight songs,” says Eliza. We’ll find out more on Friday.

As well as that we celebrate Bob Dylan‘s birthday as he releases the first song from Shadows Of The Night -a cover of a Frank Sinatra hit from 1945. We’ll hear some new music from our good friend Anthony D’Amato as well as another great cut from the new album from Holly Williams. We celebrate Mac Wiseman, Townes Van Zandt on vinyl and introduce you to a new country voice we think you might love. Leah Turner was discovered by Kenny Loggins at a ‘song writing class.’ ( I know) It didn’t work out for her in California so she moved to Nashville….then she released Take The Keys. We think you might love it.


All this and one of my most personal favourites of the last few weeks. It’s a track from Ruu Campbell‘s new album which sounds like a heavenly collision of Nick Drake and Bon Iver.

So much music and only two hours. Join us for all of it from five past eight this Friday on BBC Radio Scotland.