Been to any parties lately? Was there any singing going on? We went to a great one at New Year. There was a few singers in the room and everyone was doing a part piece.Then the unexpected happened. Somewhere from behind me I heard a voice I didn’t expect start on a song I couldn’t imagine anyone delivering. It was a moment I will remember for a long time.

It’s hard when there are a few singers kicking around and you end up trying to work out what it is you really want to hear: range, dexterity or just truth? I guess you’d know where my vote would go on that taxonomy.

On Allison Moorer’s last but one visit to scotland she was officially one of the Duchesses. Along with the Dukes she was part of Steve Earle‘s live band that was recorded by the AC over on Glasgow’s South Side. I can’t quite remember the exact phrasing but the gist of Steve’s introduction that night inferred that she was head and shoulders better than every other singer on the stage. None of us would have a great issue with that though he may have been unnecessarily harsh on himself in coming to that assessment. Since that night Allison Moorer has parted company emotionally and musically with Steve but has remained faithful to her muse. Her first solo album in five years comes out soon and , as ever, it’s a timely reminder that she’s still the best singer in the room. On side two of this week’s show I’ll be spending some time talking to Allison about that record, her new son, her home State of Alabama and even her troubled relationship with her older sister Shelby Lynn. We’ll also be hearing some great new music from ‘Down To Believing’ which comes out on the 16th of March.


In the spirit of all of this we’ll be celebrating some other female country singers. Listen out for the voices of Leanne Womack, Joan Shelley, First Aid Kit and the great Patty Loveless.

It’s often said that everyone’s got a novel in them; in country it’s certainly true to say that everyone has a bluegrass album. We’ll tell you what happened when Robert Earle Kean rediscovered his roots.

We’ll reveal what comes next for C Duncan and Daniel Meade and hear some new music from the Thompson family. If that isn’t enough we will also celebrate the songs of this man…..

bobwills-10-lgIf you don’t know who he is do not fear, just turn up your radio and enjoy the music.It all kicks off at five past eight on BBC Radio Scotland this Friday.