Tonight on Another Country for the first time in our new Tuesday evening time-slot we will welcome a live session guest to Studio One. Not just any guest but someone who more than mostly anyone I can think of embraces the spirit and reach of Americana in its broadest sense.


Mark Olson last visited us at the AC when he had reunited with his old band The Jayhawks to release 2011’s Mockingbird Time and play, what turned out to be, a fabulous concert at Glasgow’s ABC. Before that Mark and his song writer co founder, Gary Louris, had already packed in what seems like a few different lives. At the peak of the success of The Jayhawks Mark married Victoria Williams, moved out to the desert and then decided to form the Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers with Williams. The band and the marriage all ended fairly suddenly with a well documented long drive back home to Mark’s home of Minnesota. Since then there have been tours, albums, extensive travels and the constant quest to stretch his own muse as far as the as that legendary long drive.

Right now Mark Olson’s new album, Good-Bye Lizelle is playing here in my studio. It moves from Beatles esq 60s pop of Lizelle Djan to the heartbreaking simplicity of Cherry Thieves.  Mark will be joined by his musical partner and wife Ingunn Ringvold in what promises to be a very special evening. As he sings in the opening title song, ‘Love has a way of changing the days.’ Let tonight change yours.


We’ll also have lots of new great music too. Look out for fab things from Laura Marling, Alabama Shakes, Emmylou and Rodney, Leonard Cohen singing George Jones and a little piece of George too. We’ll play Neil Young from vinyl introduce you to Sam Outlaw and round of the night with another record from newly married friends of the show. Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield have come together to record some of their favourite Elliot Smith songs. We think you’ll love it. You can judge all this for your selves from five past nine this Tuesday on BBC Radio Scotland.

If you want to turn on the radio a little earlier you will hear me talking to this man……..

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And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda tells the story of how Eric Bogle wrote the anti-war anthem and why the song has been covered, acclaimed and continues to be performed over these last 40 years. It’s on BBC Radio Scotland from 1:30 today. (Tuesday)