The interview was going, largely, to plan. Matthew E White politely answered the questions and we  both talked enthusiastically about records, analogue recordings and the general ephemera of the studio until that question. ‘Why Matthew,’ I asked ‘…why is rock n roll cold?’


I’ll let that question sit there for a moment while I tell you a little more about the man. Matthew E White is from Richmond Virginia. It’s there he’s established his studio where he’s created a unique sound. Think of these great roots studios of yesteryear, Fame, Hitsville in Detroit, Stax, Sun and, perhaps more than any of these, Willie Mitchell‘s Royal Studio in Memphis and put you’ll get an idea of what Matthew was trying to create. Along with some fine musician colleagues he’s created house sound and managed to create a new label to celebrate the music. Space bomb is the name of the label and the studio and -have I mentioned Curtis Mayfield – it’s a great sound which leans heavily on the artists and production values of all the aforementioned studios and repertoire.

So now we come to that question. It’s a simple answer really but I will have to insist that you hear the session and interview on Tuesday evening to hear Matthew’s response. But, really, it’s worth it. Listen out too as Matthew and the Spacebomb fellas cover a great, great Randy Newman song


As well as all of this we will tell you details of the fabulous Southern Fried Festival this summer in Perth. We’ll be there and, once you know the details, you too will find it hard to stay away. We’ll remember the genius that was Mickey Newbury, play more from Angeleena Preseley and we’ll have Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard as they were and now are. If that’s not enough you can here Neil Young‘s take on Willie Nelson too. ‘All this in two hours Rick?‘ I hear you ask. Yes, and what’s more there will be so much other great music too. It all starts at five past nine this Tuesday evening on BBC Radio Scotland and it will only make sense if you can spare the time to join me..