On Monday I went down to London and found myself wandering through buildings of the past. I turned up at a meeting at a famous Music Business Address and realised I’d been there before….. Reminded me of a story. If you haven’t read it I recommend you read it every ten years or so……….

In these offices where I was now meeting new people I’d sat 13 years ago having a meeting with someone who was to play a big part of my life and 12 or so years before that I’d been in the same offices plugging a demo to some poor A & R guy. Suddenly ghosts were walking around the room. Of course when you throw some music into that mix……it really can become magic.

Later in the week I drove into the country and let the i pod do its own thing. The joy when I remembered, Stephen Stills “Old Times, Good Times” or a little burst of Charley Patton and then George Jones. I don’t remember all of these people from the past. I came late to Charlie and George but from them I get a sense of life then, and that small glimpse is often as good as anything. We’ll uncover more of the past this Friday.

I should say that The Another Country Movie Club is getting some very positive feedback. I’ll have some news of screenings soon…..If you own a good telly and you fancy hosting a film night of Coal Miner’s Daughter then let us know here or on the show at the usual addresses.

We’ll also go right up to date with some new records. Look out for Jonas Shandell

and Deer Tick.

Hey…you just knew one of these guys was going to sport a big beard.

Did you enjoy the chat with Laura Barton? We thought we’d pick up some loose ends from that conversation too. We’ll have some Van Morrison, Sarah Suskind and other threads for you in the next few weeks. Just stay with us.

Oh, Did I say Kim Richey‘s going to be on the show?

In the next few weeks I’ll have new songs from the great Justin Townes Earle. If you can’t wait here’s Justin doing a song you’re bound to love….