I can’t promise you anything but as I write looking from my window into a bleak Wiltshire morning I suspect that the weather back up in the homeland is not going to be any better. I can’t also promise you that I will necessarily make your day any better but I suspect if you get yourself somewhere inside tonight the AC’s very special gathering of guests may well make you glad of this day.


Tonight we have two very special acts in each hour. From 9 we will be hosting Teddy Thompson and kelly Jones who will be playing songs from their excellent new duet album, Little Windows. We heard a rumour of this album last year – and I’ve even had the odd taster – but am delighted to say it will be coming out in the spring and the first chance any of you will have of hearing is tonight. Fans of The Everleys, Buddy Holly, Dolly and Porter…the list could go on….will love this record. Simple, melodic and beautifully realised it is a celebration of a voice we already love and a new one we’re going to get to know very well indeed. The songs all belong to Teddy, Kelly and our old pal Bill DeMain but the record is by Teddy and Kelly and it really will put a very wide smile on your face. They will be with us for the first side of tonight’s AC live from Studio 1.


At 10 we’ll flip the record over and welcome our dear old friend Gretchen Peters. Gretchen has just brought out an extensive double album cataloguing the last twenty years of her life as an artist. before that happened she was the go to person in Nashville for great songs: Independence Day for Martina McBride, The Chill of An Early Fall for George Strait and her own radio favourite, When You Are Old are all songs you will know. She’s been busy these last few years recording, writing and taking part in some fairly extensive touring. In all of this she’s accompanied by pianist and husband Barry Walsh and tonight she’ll be with us reflecting on all of that plus playing us some favourites from her back catalogue. Don’t worry, the night will not pass without us talking about the greatest country mystery song of all time, “On A Bus To St Cloud.” We start at five past nine on BBC Radio Scotland this Tuesday evening. Join me if you can.

On Sunday…


My special guest will be TV and restaurant critic AA Gill whose book, ‘Pour Me’ has proved difficult for me to put down. I’ll be talking to Dominic Johnson about his excellent book, ‘God is Watching Us’ too. Music from PJ Harvey, Townes Van Zandt, George Jackson and Hem. All from five past ten on BBC radio Scotland.