I’m a huge fan of Desert Island Discs. I also think Kirsty Young is a great presenter. She has a wonderful way of allowing people to tell the listener something of themselves without us feeling she has them pinned against the wall. Perhaps the reason for this is that the guests are usually doing something anyone would love; being asked to pick their favourite records.

It’s in that choice that so much is usually revealed. Yes, there was always a stream of megalomaniacs who picked “My Way” but look longer and deeper and over the years doubts, loves, fears and joys have often been better explained and highlighted by the record chosen than the awkward confession.

You’ll remember too that at the end of the programme they ask the killer question, ‘Of all the discs you’ve picked which one would you choose to take if you could only have one?’ I guess it focusses the mind a little. We don’t ask that particular question on this week’s Another Country but we do have some great guests and they all pick a record they truly love.


Once more this week it is The All-Star Country Jukebox. Over the last few years no visitor to our studios has been allowed to clip shut their guitar case or pocket their harmonica without sharing one of their favourite country songs. The beauty of this is I now have records I’ve never heard before running through my head and the plan is, that by eleven o’clock on Tuesday evening, something similar may happen to you.


So listen out for all three Pistol Annies: Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angeleena Presley as they pick some heartbreakers from Guy Clark, Patsy Cline and Deana Carter. But which songs and who picked which artist? We’ll play music from Glen Campbell (twice in fact), Ray Price, Gillian Welch and The Carter Family. We’ll hear the thoughts of the female half of Little Big Town, Rhiannon Giddens and First Aid Kit as well as a choice by Kacey Musgraves  and something by Kacey too. As ever stay tuned for these moments you were not quite expecting and a sublime introduction to the rules of country music as explained by Chuck Prophet. In amongst this your host picks a few faves too and I can guarantee you’ll be adding to your record collection before the evening is over. It all starts tonight on BBC Radio Scotland from five past nine. Join me if you can.