This Friday is going to be about Avi Buffalo.

If you got the chance to see them recently then I congratulate you; I missed it. However Avi himself (real name Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg…and sometimes you need a snappier title) came into our wee studio in Edinburgh and cut 3 session tracks on a borrowed acoustic guitar. (Richard Murdoch brought it all the way from Glasgow!)

Avi’s influences include Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Young and The Beach Boys. He’s got all these going on and way more.  He’s only 19. To my particular delight he comes on the show a week after the septuagenarian Kris Kristofferson. It’s my considered opinion that we’re playing music that’s great whatever age you are playing or listening to it.

We’re not going to go too far into the show without talking about Robert Plant and Buddy Miller.

I haven’t heard all the album yet and I love it! What I’m saying is that I love the fact that someone who could be sitting back and organising polo matches is out there making great music and listening to new cool bands…and cutting their songs!

But this picture is what I really love.  For his producer, Robert has picked THE man to do the job…yes, my friends there will be many ‘Where’s Buddy?’ moments this week.

The big news about the album is Robert’s choice of Low‘s songs.

I didn’t know much about Low, and you will no doubt fill me in on this but I gather they are a 3 piece band from Duluth who are part of the ‘slowcore’ thing. You can find out more yourselves but the lovely thing about old Percy is he’s already got me finding their music. What a guy….and me never a Zep fan! What was I thinking??

In the past week I have been to see Sam Baker at the The Fallen Angels Club, I’m hoping to see Wilco and I’m aware of missing Steve Earle and Dave Rawlings Machine. On the Facebook site I suggest that you could let us know about what you thought of these gigs here or there and tell us what we missed. There must be gigs in other parts of Scotland we’re missing, so let us know all about them.

There will be lots of all the usual stuff. Look out for new releases from Ray Lamontagne and Justin Townes Earle and some lovely things from Furnace Mountain, Frazey Ford, Tift Merritt, Deer Tick and Caitlin Rose.

We won’t forget about Hank Williams or Bill Monroe in all of this and remember to tell us about your thoughts on our Another Country Movie Club film of the month, ‘Walk The Line.’

If you still have some radio time left in you I’ll be sitting in for the great Bob Harris on his weekend Radio 2 shows for the next couple of Sauturday/Sundays. This Saturday we have Roddy Hart and The Lonesome Fire in session.