It was a lovely spring evening when Richard Murdoch, The AC’s esteemed producer, and I drove into Franklin Tennessee a few miles west of Nashville. We were making the trip out to the sticks to witness one of radio’s finer gatherings, ‘Music City Roots.’ It’s a live show which features lots of Americana artists and includes old school radio ads, interviews and all round entertainment.

It was here we first encountered Chicago’s, ‘The Way Down Wanderers’ playing live and selling their debut album. Naturally Mr M picked up their vinyl and we started playing their records as soon as we got back to Scotland. 18 months on we are delighted they’ve finally made it to the UK and this Tuesday we will broadcast their first ever radio session. TWDW are essentially a bluegrass band playing their own music and adding in a drum kit with an original repertoire of songs written by their two lead singers, Austin Thompson and Collin Krause.

Listen out for a very special session where they play selections from their eponymously titled debut album produced by a member of the band that inspired them, The Avett Brothers’ Mike Marsh. In the future you’ll hear much more about The Way Down Wanderers but mark well this Tuesday, the day you hear them first on your own radio.

If that’s not enough we are delighted to welcome back Anthony D’Amato. I’ve been enjoying Anthony’s music since we first heard it almost five years ago. Over the last month he’s been opening for me on my solo sojourn through the British Isles. I’m delighted to say he’s every bit as good live as he is on record and he’s made some fine recordings. His last album, appropriately titled, ‘Cold Snap,’ was produced by former Bright Eyes and First Aid Kit producer, Mike Mogis. (also a one time member of Monsters of Folk) However Anthony has since produced a mini benefit EP of songs round the themes of refuge and asylum where all the profits went to the International Rescue Committee.

Anthony will be playing a song from that EP by the late Tom Petty as well as selections from his own considerable back catalogue. He’s still a young man with so much music in front of him but we’re delighted he’s already coming back for the third time to Another Country.

In between all of that we’ll find time to celebrate Merle Travis, hear something brand new from Neil Young and Colter Wall and even hear this year’s first festive offering from Ben Glover and  Natalie Schlabs.

All this in two hours I almost hear you say….yes, but you need to join us at five past nine this Tuesday evening on BBC Radio Scotland.