walking my dog, on the way home from school one morning…….

It’s cold and wet here and frankly, the cheery way I turned up my coat collar last week has now been overtaken by a dark scowl. I’ve been telling my son and daughter (who both have November birthdays) that it’s really a great month, who wouldn’t love autumn…etc… for 10 years. Maybe evenI should acknowledge that it it’s tough out there. That’s why it will be nice to welcome a man from sunny Kentucky on Friday – Mr Darrell Scott.

He’s hot off the Band of Joy tour and he’s playing solo in Glasgow on Saturday night. What instrument Darrell plays will be a good guess. He’s master of guitar, mandolin and steel and he (apparently) became quite excited about using the 9 foot grand piano in studio 1. We’ll talk about Robert Plant and his recent touring and writing with Beth Neilson Chapman. We’ll hear all about those Nashville sessions he’s taken part in and ask what it’s like when you hear that Faith Hill or the Dixie Chicks are going to cut one of your songs. And, yes, we’ll talk about his new album The Crooked Road.

Great exclusive track from Lissie tomorrow night too. Richard M was at her gig recently. We also have music from Sara Watkin (in Glasgow Saturday too), Dylan LeBlanc, Ray Davies and Lucinda Williams (I Know!!) and The Jim Jones Revue. I’m visibly excited…and that, I’m pretty certain will make your dank November Friday evening come alive like a veritable fireworks display. Sorry, did you have one planned already?

On Sunday...

We take a visit to The Anatomy lab in Edinburgh University where Humanist Cleric, Tim Maguire checks out the institution to which he’s leaving his body for medical science. I don’t go with him, but I get a chance to chat to the Anatomist. We talk Post Conflict Tourism – Pakistan, Iraq and Yemen. If you’ve had enough of The Dordogne, Arran or Costa Brava do you fancy a trip to Iraq? We meet the man who will organise your trip.

We also talk to Professor Tom Devine and Rev Lindsay Schluter about a conference called “What Has The Reformation Done for Us?”

Music from Michaels Jackson and Marra, Josh Tillman and Marvin Gaye. All from 8 on BBC Radio Scotland this Sunday Morning.