That gag will only be suitable to those of you, who like me, can remember the 60’s with some clarity!

Mr Murdoch and myself are back with you on Friday. In truth we’ve been back since the start of the year and I hope you enjoyed the chance to reacquaint yourselves with Randy Newman and Tom Jones.

So let’s carry on from where we left off last week. Tom Jones was at Celtic Connections on Monday and took the festival gently and firmly by storm. Working his way song by song through Praise and Blame he laid down a marker for one of these nights you’ll be able to say many years later, “”I was there when…..” If you were not there then you’ll be more than pleased that we have live extracts of the gig to play you.

We also have an interview with this man…

Oscar winning Ryan Bingham came into BBC Pacific Quay way back in November and we’ll play the songs he recorded for us. You’ll also hear the conversation we had when we met and realise all that red carpet stuff hasn’t really affected him at all. Which is good news indeed.

We’ll be playing songs from the  albums by The Decembrists, Iron and Wine, Greg Allman and Lucinda Williams. We’ll also tell you about the slightly unusual move we are making to celebrate Bob Dylan’s 70th year on this planet. Still with me? Great…in that case then, let’s do all this properly on Friday at 8.05 on BBC Radio Scotland. If you have nothing better to do you can also hear me introduce some great performances from Celtic Connections on BBC Radio 2 on Wednesday (26th Jan) and the two following Wednesdays.

Oh, that’s not enough? well try this…