When I went to Prestwick on holiday as a laddie my father confused me a little. We would stop in the street somewhere in the vicinity and he would point to me, his then 5 year old, and introduce me (jokingly) as his son-and-heir. I heard son in Ayr. It took me years to work out what he meant.

Over the years on AC we’ve played and me a few sons and heirs…….John Carter Cash, Rosanne Cash, Justin Townes Earle, Jakob Dylan and Harper Simon off the top of my head. They have all managed to move out of the family pile and make a name for themselves standing on their own two feet. This week we will catch up with young Teddy Thompson who is about to bring out his fourth album. Teddy is not only the son of the great Richard but his mum too is the wonderful Linda Thompson. We like Teddy on Another Country, not least because he was good enough to make this fine album…..

The good news is he has also fulfilled his promise he made to us last year to make and release an album within the year; no mean achievement. The new record comes out very soon, Bella is the name of the album and Teddy came into Studio 1 to record some live takes of the album tracks. Hear all if them and some interesting and honest conversation from Teddy on Friday.

Yes Rick, I hear you say…and what else?  We’ll have brand new songs from The Fleet Foxes (Yes!), Abigail Washburn, The Drive By Truckers, Marty Stuart and Wanda Jackson. Pretty good huh?

Not only that but we’ll pay tribute to this man:

And we’ll hear some great things from this great lady of country……..

If you don’t know them now you’ll certainly get to know them on Friday on BBC Scotland at 8 p.m. We are also now going to broadcast a repeat show on Sunday evenings at 10. Catch you then.