There was a time, not that long ago, when the arrival of an AC night on All Hallows Eve might have sent a delicious shiver down my spine. What joy, we would think, that such a festival could fall on our radio night. What fun we might have until…..until…we realised that there are very few spooky pickings to be had and there’s only so many times you can hear The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

It is therefore quite liberating to announce that for two hours on this Tuesday’s show there will be no mention of the date, no digital guising and certainly no square songs rammed into round holes in an obligation to celebrate a popular day in the kids calendar. Not that I have anything against a great Scottish tradition. It has however irked a few of us up here that everyone has decided not to catch on to what Scotland has been doing for centuries but to swallow hook, line and treacle scone the American way of Halloween. Guisers, dookin for apples seem to all have been abandoned for something, which if I’m honest, seems a little less couthie and a little more monetised…but that’s all for another day.

What we have in store for you tonight is a beautifully curated playlist of current records and some vintage classics. We will introduce you to the joys of Twinnie, The Lowlies and re introduce to Margo Cilker, Josiah and The Bonnevilles and Robert Finley.

The Twinnie story is a good one. Despite so many beating a path to Music City from these shores , it seems Twinnie is the first to have gone over with little, other than a small dog and the hope of a career in country music and be on the verge of acheiving success. Last Friday she made her Opry debut and this Tuesday you can hear what the fuss is about.

Dylan LeBlanc

We are also delighted to welcome a new album from Dylan LeBlanc. He is an artist we’ve been playing for a number of years and who has finally made the record he’s always wanted to make. It’s a beautiful thing too and Dylan’s title track has given us a very good excuse for a little rabbit hole which, fear not, has no known association with Halloween.

It’s two hours of country music, some significant anniversaries and gems along the way. We are on air on FM and on BBC Sounds from 8 this Tuesday evening. Fear not – you are allowed to keep the radio on while you’re giving out the spoils to the guisers. Join me if you can.