Among the many fine moments at this year’s C2C Festival last month there was a significant moment on the final night at Glasgow’s Hydro. We had enjoyed an Introducing Nashville set from Karley Scott Collins and Lauren Watkins and as the audience awaited the final song from Conner Smith he proudly announced that he was the first ever artist to top the UK Country Airplay Chart. His single, Creek Will Rise, has already made a huge impact in the US but the big news for 23 years old Conner was that the folk here in the UK were loving it too.

That gig has become (and I suspect it may continue) a popular fixture of the C2C weekend. Three artists playing acoustically with 40 minutes to perform a round which usually includes their best/biggest songs of their career so far. It’s always interesting to see how much impact a singer and a guitar can make in a half-full arena and that often comes down to the song. As John Osborne wisely opined in our recent conversation, what makes something ‘country’ these days is defined by the tone and style of the lyric. That perhaps best explains why so many outside country music find it hard to recognise a country record which doesn’t boast fiddle, steel or banjo. My old friend, Fingaz said it best, when I asked why on earth a young man from Uganda would love Country Music, ‘It’s because it’s all about the stories.’ Years later I would find myself in a Toyota Landcruiser avoiding potholes in Zambia as my local driver explained to me how much he loved Johnny Cash. The soundtrack to that bumpy ride felt a little incongruous, but heck, I went with it.

So, on this week’s AC we’ll play out a session and conversation with Conner Smith whose fine album, Smoky Mountains came out earlier this year. He’ll talk about how much he owes to the music of Tyler Childers and perform two exclusive session songs for us. We’ll also remind you of the talented Karley Scott Collins and Lauren Watkins too.

As ever we have a pile of great new records to choose from too and highlights this week include a guest appearance by one of our favourite singers, Patty Griffin. We’ll introduce Chuck Prophet going bluegrass (well almost) and  spin some great returns from Ben Glover, Dean Owens and Morgan Wade. If that’s not enough I shall introduce you to Medium Build, Heather Little and Parker McCollum. It’s a packed show in which you will find so much to love. Tune in from 8 p.m. this Tuesday on BBC Sounds or BBC Radio Scotland and do join me if you can.