It may be raining now after all these endless weeks of sunshine but here are a few important pointers to re establishing your happiness quotient:

It may be raining but we’re going to play Hank Williams.

It may be raining but we’re going to play George Jones.

It may be raining but but we’re going to play the longest song I have ever played on radio.

It may be raining but I am not going to play the bad stuff from “Knocked Out Loaded.”

It may be raining but we have an interview and session with Shelby Lynn.

OK…that’s enough weather. Let’s flesh in a little detail here.

First Shelby. Did anyone go to the gig? I was never going to go to the gig but I did have the pleasure of doing a Shelby crammer course during last week. She really has got a lot of lovely stuff on record and Love Shelby is a very good album. If you are going to get one I would suggest you listen to her Dusty Springfield album (Just A Little Lovin’).It really is gorgeous.

Interviewing Shelby was not the easiest thing I’ve ever done but I hope you’ll enjoy the chat tomorrow. The nice thing is she seemed to like it! (Phew….)

What else…

I think you will like the music of this man:

He is Gregory Alan Isakov and he sounds like a re born Ryan Adams. His album is called This Empty Northern Hemisphere….check it out, as they say.

We’ll also have a track from the new album of a song writer who has written a massive British No 1 hit single and lots of other great songs for artists including Morrisey, David Bowie and Ringo. You do the arith’ as my good friend Biffo would say.

Lastly………Join these dots up and stay fashionable.

All will be made clear round the wireless at five past eight on Friday night. BBC Radio Scotland.