Happy Summer Everyone

I decided to start the blog a little earlier than I meant to as I’m currently in the middle of a new Radio Scotland show called……erm…Ricky Ross.

The show goes out on Sunday mornings as part of Radio Scotland’s religious/moral/ethical output. Normally Sally Magnusson would be on the wireless at that time on a Sunday morning but she will be back in September.

if you go to BBC iplayer and type in my name you can hear last Sunday’s programme. The last show featured the personal stories of Scottish Asylum seekers. Listening to Helen’s story is incredibly moving and I have to say it still shocks me to learn how cruelly these people can be treated by our government in our name.

Along the way I’ve had some amazing opportunities to speak to some great people. The links below are connected to the Arran conservation trip and the other link is for the Scottish Refugee Council. Alison Phipps (another guest on the show) was prompted to carry out some fantastic voluntary work after she heard an appeal on the radio. I do hope this broadcast might encourage people to do something similar.

there’s lots of other things happening with music in my life too at the moment but I’ll deal with more of that soon. Next sunday I will be speaking to Midge Ure and it is great to hear how much his Band Aid experience made such a difference to his own outlook on the world. it’s all on Radio Scotland @ 8 a.m. Sunday.



If you are interested in some of the items we have looked at already you might find this one quite good fun on fundamentalism:


Over the next wee while I will also let you know more about the music we are playing too. Keep dropping by.