This Sunday I will be welcoming an old friend to the studio. I first met Dave Batstone in 1986. He was then an activist and PhD student.Now he is a professor at San Francisisco University and an author and activist. He is also one of my oldest and best friends. However Dave is visiting us to talk about the organisation he heads up: Not For Sale.

Dave was asked to write a book of the same name a few years back to coincide with the anniversary of the abolition of slavery and the imminent release of Hollywood’s film of the struggle. When he started to research the subject he was amazed to find that far from slavery having been abolished, it was still hugely rife in many parts of the world. He has since set up his own Anti-Slavery movement (Not For Sale) and he will join us to talk about how that organisation is affecting the  business ethics word-wide. To bear witness to that we’ll will also be joined by Stephen Craig who is joint CEO of All Saints clothing company to tell us how he is responding to the challenges Dave’s organisation is posing.

Also…in the first hour we will speak to Professor John Swinton from Aberdeen University. John will talk about his current research and the ‘theology of disability.’ I’ll also get a chance to learn more about his recent publication ‘Living More Gently in a Viloent World: The Prophetic Witness of Weakness’ which he published with Stanley Hauerwas and Jean Vanier. John was, for sixteen years, a nurse involved in the field of mental-health and latterly with learning disability, so he has plenty of insight to share on current practice.

Later we’ll discover how a flower competition 100 years ago bequeathed a beautiful church in a borders village and we’ll also eavesdrop on Richard Holloway’s visit to an important Art Exhibition by David Mach celebrating the anniversary of the King James Bible. Oh yes….and there will be music: Enio Moricone, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen and Agnes Obel…all great. Sunday Morning from Seven on BBC Radio Scotland.