Friday Night/ Another Country

I’d like to pretend it was an interview, but really was just a conversation. It was a couple of weeks ago now when Willy Vlautin came in for that ‘chat.’ I think originally we thought it would be a 15 minute segment in the show. It turned into the second half of the programme and even Richard had to edit it down. I asked Willy about records he made, artists he loves and we talked about his new book “Lean On Pete.”

It won’t surprise you to find out that Bruce Springsteen and Merle Haggard came up in the chat but it might intrigue you to know that he talked about much more than these people. A man of great taste and total honesty – a lovely combination.  It was a real pleasure to be in the company of such a good man and great songwriter. All that from 9 . But before that….

We go on a real road trip. The Low Anthem, Woody Guthrie, John Prine and The Felice Brothers just some of the highlights.

Sundays with Ricky Ross

On Sunday we discuss the current Citizens Production of My Name Is Rachel Corrie. We look at International Woman’s Day 100 years on.

Also…What happens in Disaster Zones when the cameras move on? In the last week the tragedy that is unfolding in Chile will inevitably draw the focus away from the people of Haiti. So what’s going on there now? I’ll also be talking to Alistair Urquart , The Forgotten Highlander whose memoirs of  being a Japanese prisoner and witnessing Nagasaki at close quarters have recently caused such a stir.

Oh…and as always there will be music. Danny Wilson, Aztec Camera from Scotland and more. All from Sunday BBC Scotland at 8 a.m.