It’s always nice when people come back to you. I’m pleased to say that we’re now meeting some of our guests for the second time around. I caught up with Nanci Griffith when she was over here three years ago on the first series of American Tunes. Then she was playing the Fruitmarket in Glasgow and she gave us a wide ranging chat about all that was going on for her. A lot has changed. George W has gone and Obama is in the Whitehouse. I remember seeing a sign in the lawn in front of a house in Nashville and thinking…this must be Nanci’s place.

When I first ran into Nanci she had been so angry at the former over Iraq that she’d had a writing block. That’s changed too; “The Loving Kind” is full of great songs by Nanci. We’ll hear all about it and play you tracks on Friday.

Some really good things have come my way recently: look out for material by The Hold Steady, Merle Haggard, Avi Buffalo and Harper Simon.

On Sunday….

The Church in Ireland, Oscar Romero, Lourdes – the movie and the book I’ve just finished and highly recommend,

Shall The Religious Inherit The Earth by Eric Kauffman.