There’s a poster on the wall of my old pal, Tom Jutz with a picture of a boy and a banjo beside an old dilapidated shack somewhere in the south. The boy is singing, head back, unselfconsciously out there in the field. The poster advertises a film – can’t remember which one – which in turn celebrates ‘Bluegrass.’

On Friday we try to do the same thing. We bring you music that was made on the instruments that were around – banjo, mandolin and the fiddle. It’s the space which doesn’t get crowded out with other things that perhaps gives bluegrass it’s unique edge. There’s a courtesy in southern people and it’s there in this music: you don’t solo while someone else is and you back up the rhythm when you’re not centre stage. In it’s purest form it will be done around one mic and everyone will make sure they’ve got the right distance from it. If you want to hear more of that dobro then the dobro player just has to get a little closer to the microphone.

We’ll have bluegrass from the originators and some from down right imposters – but it will all be good. Not only that but we recorded Alecia Nugent when she was in Glasgow playing at Celtic Connections and we have some of that concert for you on Friday. Look out for  Alison Krauss, Bill Monroe, Del McCoury, Ralph Stanley and ….Dolly. We may also surprise you with the Raconteurs, Furnace Mountain and The Avett Brothers.

On Sunday I’m going to chat to Billy Paul about how to stop young offenders re offending without always throwing them in jail. We’ll look at why pilgrims go on pilgramage and we’ll drop by Salaam Scotland to hear about Scotland’s first Muslim Cultural festival. There will, as always, be music too……