I think the line is attributed to George Melly. Commenting on his wrinkles Mick Jagger defended them as laughter lines. “Nothing’s that funny, Mick” quipped George.I thought of this when I compared these two photographs taken over a four year span.

The first was taken after The Hold Steady‘s performance at Connect Festival. Craig Finn – of it is he – it turns out was mightily hacked off at his then Tour Manager – and wasn’t in the best of moods. Cut to this year when he was positively brimming with joy at the very thought of playing the ABC in Glasgow……

You’ll get a good sense of that happy mood when you check into the AC this Friday. We chat to Craig about life in The Hold Steady and talk about Craig’s world. It’s in that world where the wonderful, strange often disturbing characters that inhabit the Hold Steady’s songs live. Miss it at your peril.

We’re  going to bring you some great old and new music too. Hank Williams, Charlie Pride from days of old, new songs from K.D. Lang, R.E.M and Kimmie Rhodes and brand new songs from current favourites Sea of Bees. And of course, we will fully explore the treasure trove that is this…….

Enough? You can judge for yourself from Friday at 8 p.m. on BBC Radio Scotland