Dear Listener,

It’s been a long summer and here in Scotland – it’s not over. But that’s a whole other story. Given my diverse timetable over the last few months I though it wise to rest the blog until after the Harvest was in and the colours were turning. So it’s back with a new paint job and we’re back and this Friday to welcome a man who is a great friend of the show.

If I am correct in my memory Ben Glover has visited us twice before and we’ll be delighted to see him again. I first met Ben at the Belfast Nashville festival and since that time he’s taken up residency in Music City but returns to his Northern Irish roots often enough for us to encourage him over the water for a visit.


His excellent new album, Atlantic was recorded near to where the mighty ocean meets the land in County Donegal and he’ll be playing some songs live and telling us all the latest news of what he’s been up to. One thing I can promise you is we’ll hear a Mary Gauthier song or two as Ben and Mary now collaborate on each others records – to great effect.

As well as all of that some wonderful new records from Parker Millsap, Ward Thomas, Daniel Meade, Barr Brothers, Gillian Welch/Dave Rawlings with an extremely long but magnificent song and our dearly beloved First Aid Kit who will be playing THAT special show for us next week. There are some significant anniversaries this week which may well inspire some music you’ll find hard to resist and Richard Murdoch went shopping in the city of Dundee last weekend and I fully expect him to have brought something which might break your heart on our Vinyl re discovery. Two other fabulous things to look out for which deserve special mention: Firstly Beck Lanehart who has a fabulous voice you might well have heard if you’ve travelled on the London Underground over the last couple of years…….I have to say a busker always sounds great in those tiled, mini concert-halls….I can only imagine how good Beck sounded as on her debut record she has one of the strongest voices I’ve heard in a long time. Finally I’m excited to tell you we’ll be playing anew song from the ever fabulous Anais Mitchell. It’s going to be great and it all starts this Friday from five past eight on BBC Radio Scotland.