It’s been an interesting week. I’ve been to two gigs…kind of. I thought I was going to see Phosphorescent’s last few numbers last Friday. When I arrived I realised they hadn’t been on stage yet. It had been a long day, and I really had to get home so I stayed for 3 songs…all of which were increasingly wonderful. Eventually I had to tear myself away but it looked as if it was heading to be a good night.

On Tuesday Willie Nelson came to Glasgow and , yes, it was a memorable evening. Highlights….well I’ll talk a lot about that on Friday so stay tuned. On Wednesday I got a call from Richard telling me there was an appointment for us in Edinburgh if we were free. I’ll tell you about that appointment too on Friday.

So this Friday we welcome another great Nashville songwriter, Gretchen Peters.

Gretchen – like Willie – has found more initial success as a writer for other artists. However she is a powerful performer in her own right and she is personally responsible for an emotional night. Three ears ago I experienced the Bluebird Cafe for the first time. At a round with Tia Sillers, Mark Selby another guy whose name I can’t remember and Gretchen. I sat at a lonely table nursing a cold beer and let the tears fall down my face as I listened to wave upon wave of song upon heartfelt song. Maybe it was the music – maybe the beer – or perhaps it was my being so far from home. Maybe it was the music of Gretchen connecting deeply… can decide on Friday. She performed three songs and we had a lengthy chat about..most things. In case you didn’t know , she also wrote this one.

What else? You do need to get those Alternative Americana Awards to me as we will have one last hurrah before the summer. Next week will be the last Another Country for six weeks. I’m going to let you all have a break from me and get a chance to save up for the records you’ll be buying in the second half of the year. I’ll have music from

First Aid Kit, Micah P Hanson, Phosphorescent and that The Acorn song I mentioned last week. We’ll also try to sneak some Nanci Griffith and certainly play you some stand outs from Willie Nelson’s visit to Scotland. Lastly – here’s a new one for you that’s crept onto my radar this week. Larkin Poe.