Last week I shared a train ride back to the Holy City from sunlit Edinburgh with the great, Patrick Doyle. Continuing my interrogation after the radio cross-examination we got talking about the thing which we both share in common – our love of the song – he told me a great story which, if it’s not true, certainly should be. Steven Spielberg phones up Irving Berlin and asks to use a particular song he’s heard was languishing in Berlin’s cellar. ‘No,’ came the curt reply from the 99 year old song writer, ‘ I have plans for that song!’

I can still hear Pat choking on the laughter as he dropped the punchline somewhere near Falkirk High. We were oblivious to the odd looks we were getting from our fellow travellers……’Can you imagine?’ Pat went on, ‘Plans! Plans….at ninety nine?!’


The thing is we do this stuff because we want to do it and nothing will really stop us because…….well because we’ve always got plans. It’s apt thinking about the genius of Berlin and Mr Doyle himself as I remember a promise I made some time back to play you a song from Punch Brothers on vinyl from Phosphorescent Blues. There’s no reason to play the song other than to celebrate people who have no interest in anything other than making brilliant music. It’s genius and we will delight in playing it out to you. (and is the only song I know which contains the noun ‘thurible.’ in the lyric. For that alone – full marks Punch Boys.

I had a great listening day last week and I can’t remember how it happened other that I got to know some wonderful new artists. I’m delighted to bring some of them to the wireless this Tuesday. Look out for my new favourite Jenn Grant as the AC once more comes late to the Canadian party. It’s Jenn’s 5th album but she’s a new name to us and I think you will rather enjoy our opening selection from her new Compostela album. Ron Sexsmith appears on the record and we realise we are way overdue in playing you something from his new record, Carousel One.

Jenn Grant 3

We’re delighted to say Woodenbox are back with a fine new single and we’ll have some dates to tell you about too. We’re delighted too that fellow Scottish artist Robin Adams has a new album out and we’ll give you a good reason to get hold of that too.

If this is not enough we have some fine old songs by some familiar names that, frankly, we just can’t reveal now for fear your excitement reaches fever pitch. Did we tell you that Josh ……no….forget it, I’ll tell you on Tuesday night. We’re on from 9 on BBC Radio Scotland.