Wow  – that went quickly. Six weeks have passed and I hope you have enjoyed some time in the company of the fair Edith Bowman.

I’ve been enjoying this view…..

For my money I’ve been enjoying loads of other music over the last few weeks. It’s been nice to play Eminem, Band of Horses,The Bombay Bicycle Club and a whole load of soul. Have to confess that the joys of Radio 3 and Classic Fm have also been figuring highly on our radios at home. I am now the owner of a portable Digital radio – that’s a real joy.

During our recess I went to London to do some song-writing. It was that week that Tom Jones was in town doing promo for his new Praise and Blame album. You may well have run across this story in the press. Whatever you have read is immaterial. Tom has made, in my opinion, a really great record. Whenever  I heard it on his website I knew it would be right for Another Country. So that week in London I met up with Tom and spent 40 minutes in his company while his band were preparing for their Radio session at Maida Vale. We talked about Elvis, Church, Ethan Johns and the wonderful selection of songs on the new album. If you need to be convinced just listen to his version of Bob Dylan’s “What Good Am I?” and be converted. If you think Tom Jones is the last person you expected to hear on my show, then think again. If someone had told me a year ago I’d be talking to him I’d have been fairly sceptical. But Brother and Sisters – hold that thought, cast out your doubting and bring yourselves to the alter. It’s the church of Tom Jones this Friday and you’d best believe it’s going to be good.

Still need convincing? Check this this.

There’s lots of new things too…. The Caitlin Rose new album has arrived………….

………..and comes out very soon and we’ll bring you all the latest news of gigs coming to Scotland over the late summer.

Of course this mean you’ll have to tune in to Radio Scotland on Friday 6th August at 8 p.m. for the new series of Another Country.