I’ve very rarely been an outsider looking in, from the wings, to  a show in which I’m involved. Early amateur dramatics aside I’ve always been on stage for all the time a concert lasts and, with our band, there are no ten minute solos where you can slope off and have a break. There was a time many years ago when we had our Bacharach & David EP out and the first encore didn’t involve me at all. I had the strange experience of watching and listening to Lorraine singing, ‘Are You There With Another Girl’ in the gloom of a backstage arena – never the most glamorous of spots. It was strange.

I’ve also been at the other end when I took a solo spot during the gig and one musician failed to return having decided to allow himself a smoke break at the stage door. A mistake that never occurred again, I might add. The there’s the odd time of doing one of these shows with various singers doing spots where you have to be aware of what everyone else is doing. I usually find myself worrying that I’ve really got nothing special to offer and saying to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be good if they just skipped my turn?’

My other ‘wings’ moments happens on a regular basis at C2C which I host every year around this time. Officially I’m the compere, but as the night rolls on each act tends to have some hi-tech, pyro, video bombast to announce their presence and an old bloke with a mic saying, ‘put your hands together for…’ doesn’t really cut it. So I mill around and pass on the info that a big name is coming in ten minutes and you’d better get your drinks in and prepare. However it does give me a chance to watch at close proximity the talent that’s on show each year at C2C. Great players, brilliant singers and a catalogue of songs to die for seems to be a pretty great reward for a three day ticket at The Hydro.

Brad Paisley | iHeart

I have great memories of introducing Marty Stuart before a storming set, standing in amongst Lyle Lovett’s Big Band to announce him on stage and watching from the front as Luke Combs barnstormed his way through a two hour spectacular two years ago. I’m kind of over the phones-lighting-up-the-arena thing and I’d simply take good songs well sung and some country crunch which I do think we will see this coming weekend. I’m not sure there is a more consummate country star around in 2024 as Brad Paisley (above) who headlines the first night. I’m also not certain there is a more exciting new talent as Lily Rose appearing on any of the nights. I’m looking forward to seeing Brothers Osborne properly and hearing Carly Pearce with her band rather than a solo spotlight stage. I’m also quite excited about the short set we’re going to witness from Chapel Hart on Sunday. I’m sure you have your own wish lists.

On this week’s AC we’ll point you to some of our highlights and remind you of some great C2C moments from the last few years. It’s all on the BBC Radio Scotland from 8 p.m. this Tuesday evening or any time you like on BBC Sounds. Do join me if you can.