I’m reading Waste- Uncovering The Global Food Scandal by Tristram Stuart and I’m enjoying it very much.

Tristram will be coming in on Sunday and will be joined by Carol Ann Alcorn from The Cyrenians FareShare Project as well as Alison Hilliard from ARC.
They will be discussing the environmental implications of throwing away vast amounts of food from our own kitchens as well as from supermarkets
and food wholesalers.

We also have a contribution from Mark Dowd from Operation Noah. If tou get a chance look at Mark’s Channel 4 programme called God is Green on the Operation Noah website. http://www.operationnoah.org/highlighted/newwebsite/god-green-channel-4-documentary-presented-mark-dowd

I think you will find Mark’s encounters with various clerics very interesting and (like them) fairly challenging.

We will also have Aeshan Akhtar joining us. Zeshan is a Zooligist with Scottish Natural Heritage whose Muslim faith has led her to believe that Muslims here in Scotland should be caring more for their planet.

I will probably mention some of these sites in the course of the show, so if you’d like to learn more about what we’re discussing you can see Alison’s organisation here: www.arcworld.org, Mark Dowd’s organisation here www.operationnoah.org.

We also mention a future Eco Congregation Conference in Edinburgh and you can find out about that here: www.ecocongregation.org/scotland .

Lastly the work of Fareshare and Edinburgh Cyrenians is highlighted here: www.cyrenians.org.uk/Edinburghcyreniansourservices/foodandhealth.html

Once you’ve listened to all of this Sunday Brunch will never quite be the same again. Tune in at 8.