We’ve been getting some very nice mails from Nancy in Phoenix, Arizona. It sounds hot over there! Glasgow had a wee spell of summer over the last weekend and it felt great. Hey don’t get us wrong Nancy, I’m not talking 90 degrees, maybe 75 if we’re lucky, but warm enough for the Glaswegians who will start taking their clothes off at the first signs of summer.

It’s always interesting when the weather has been consistently good here. (i.e. a couple of days in a row) I noticed a few people in denial yesterday who were wearing very light T shirts who had clearly chosen to ignore the fact that it had all gone quite grey and cold outside. The people who drive convertibles are often the ones with the biggest problems with reality. You’ll get a sunny January day when it’s cold enough to freeze the paint off your front door and you¹ll see someone in a topless beemer cruising along the M8 with ten layers of clothing on. I suspect these drivers usually turn their radios up pretty loud when they eventually have to stop at traffic lights so they can drown out the level of ridicule aimed their way.

Of course Glaswegians clothing and outward appearance can often be very deceptive. I mentioned the Commonwealth Games inspectors the other day who might well be slightly confused at the high density of sportswear favoured by the natives. Last night I slowed down my car to let a jogger run past. When I looked at him closer I was a little worried that he was too old for this running lark. It was then that I noticed the fag in his hand and the bus pulling away which he’s just missed.