Saturday 9th June

I’m chilling folks. My hands are steeped in cold water…fader fatigue. I have survived one week at Pacific Quay and so far the suits have not come to remove me from the building.
Thanks to you bloggers out there. Tony Currie is a BBC legend and his kind encouragement has been very helpful this week. Thanks too to Dougie and Calvin for your kind messages.

It’s good to get feedback from the show from the Iain Anderson listeners. Iain is another legend and I count myself as a huge fan. He has a great way of making you feel welcome and his programmes is rightly very popular with his loyal listeners. Needless to say this can also make a guy like me feel a little apprehensive, especially when we are changing the kind of music you are used to at that time of night. I do think that over the next few weeks you will get a chance to hear a lot of brilliant songs that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to hear within the same two hours.

Some people won’t like this but I hope those of you that do will stay with us. Personally I love the variety of rock n roll, r n b, reggae, big band, jazz, blues, trip hop, country that we’ve managed so far. Good music is good music I’m sure you’ll find. The other night we went from Annie Ross to Massive Attack. In the meantime I know Iain and the professor will be gathering you up a year’s worth of music to keep you going through the long winter.

Next week I’m taking my camera into the Lounge and I’ll give you all a glimpse of the nefarious characters that hang out in my late night den of iniquity. Keep on blogging baby.