Big news here is the Commonwealth Games inspectors have come to Glasgow to see whether we’re the place to hold the Commonwealth games. I don’t really pay a lot of attention to athletics and that kind of thing but it would be great if the games came to Glasgow. It’s always fun when these things happen where you live.

People in Glasgow still talk about the night Eintracht Frankfurt played Real Madrid for one of the greatest European Cup finals of all time. I still regret not getting a ticket for Real’s last triumphant visit in 2002.

Apparently there are 5 inspectors in Glasgow over the next few days. I like the idea of that. Maybe it will be like school inspections where the “headie” always tries to give the best impression and third year Christmas leavers are mysteriously sent on an outdoor ed project. My favourite story concerned the mythological school inspector visiting a Glasgow secondary history class. He decides to take over the show from the class teacher to see how much the customers really know. “Who was responsible for starting the First World War?” he asks of Thomas in the front row. “Wusnae me,” says the boy. This is ridiculous says the inspector to the bystanding class teacher. “ I know” says the teacher, “But I can vouch for the boy. It definitely wasn’t him.”

Perhaps the Commonwealth Games inspectors will do a bit of random questioning of the citizens of Glasgow: “And you young man, are you interested in sport?” one will ask in perfect broken English. Standing in front of him will be a youth clad from head to toe in sports gear and as the inspector looks round the city he finds to his amazement many such youths. Little groups of sport-mad kids gathering on every street corner. Surely they will think – “Glasgow’s so desperate for these games they’re already stripped for action!” Hey – it’s a done deal…how can they refuse?

That’s not to say that the declared aims of these events tie in entirely with the expectations of the customers. A few years ago Glasgow tried to hold an annual arts festival called Mayfest. Plays, concerts and exhibitions were held across the city. I always remember my brother in law, John , mentioning that Mayfest was happening to someone we both met in an pub one night. Much to our surprise they declared themselves as 100% behind the arts festival. “I love it.” And which particular art form was it that swung it for them? They had no doubt, “Pubs are open till 2 in the morning.”

Looking forward to hearing from some of you bloggers live on the show tonight. The running order has just been mailed over to me …….there are going to be many beautiful moments in tonight’s show. My fingers are already getting itchy. See you at 10.30.