Possibly the best thing about music on the radio is hearing something for the first time you might well love for the rest of your life.

I imagine we all have these moments: What was that, who was that, can I hear it again? I have a few of these moments every week. Very often, these days, it’s because I hear something that’s been out for ages and I’ve just caught up with it. I was driving from Nashville to Memphis a few weeks ago and I heard Patty Loveless singing Howard Harlan’s ‘ Blame It On Your Heart.’

It’s a classic country song that makes you want to smile and sing and get on with your life. I think it probably came out quite a long time ago but due to my limited knowledge of country I’d only just heard it. It made me feel quite good when I discovered it was a massive hit.

The other great thing is when you hear something that you know your pals are going to love. My wife and I recently fell helplessly in love with Ryan Adam’s new single, ‘Two.” We got the chance to play it to some music-diggers who came round on Friday and it was lovely to see the smiles of approval on their faces. I guess that’s what you hope might happen when you play some new things on the radio. To this end I want you to hear some wonderful new things I’ve enjoyed recently. I hope to be playing new things by Midlake, Sufjan Stevens and Tobias Froberg. I’m also enjoying the new Rufus Wainwright album (something I couldn’t say since Poses.)

My producer Roslyn finds wee gems which surprise me too. We played Jamie Liddell and Candie Payne on the show in the last week then went home and bought them myself. Hey, that isn’t how payola’s meant to work!