Hi Folks

So glad to have some blog response. To George (we’ve met so many times, George and it’s nice to talk again) I fully take on board your request…send it in to the prog too so my producer sees it too!

I hadn’t realised I was going head to head with Gorgeous George Galloway on a Friday night. What a prospect! So glad George remembers me as fondly as I recall times with him. George and I once travelled to Edinburgh to join in a rally to support the call for a Scottish Parliament. The rally was organised by a very disparate group of people who, if not fully paid up members of the club called “Hippy”, had certainly considered membership. By the time Lorraine and I arrived on Calton Hill Gorgeous had sussed out that the occasion wasn’t going to threaten anyone’s memory of Martin Luther King’s march on Washington. There were around twenty people there and a couple of dogs. The “organiser” had informed George G that there was no formal plan and that speakers should make use of the “open mike situation.” As George informed us of this conversation he shook his mane sadly,”I told him,” he said “that this, in my experience leads to an open space situation.” He wasn’t wrong.