I noticed on our website that there was a rumour that Deacon Blue played at a big football wedding. Good story – but untrue. I was, as it happens, hanging with a footballer….but that’s another story.

I know where this story came from though. There was some discussion about this happening at one point so perhaps the legs and tails were added. Frankly, I don’t think we’d be much good at it anyway. For a start we don’t do any quick step and I can’t imagine what songs we’d have to do to provide a wedding waltz.

I did once get persuaded to play for a pal’s wedding. This was 1988 and we were taking the weekend off a recording session in LA so we could attend their nuptials up in Berkeley Ca. The night before my friend Wendy, the bride to be, suggested they had no music to come up the aisle to and, as there was an old joanna there, could I tinkle the ivories long enough for her dad to give her away. Sure, I said….not really giving it much thought….I’ll fo a bit of Tom Wait’s Tom Traubert (Wendy was an Ozzy) – that was meant to be played on a bad piano. So I’m sitting in the front row and about to make my way up to the stage and aim my fingers at a few familiar chords when Lorraine nudges me to give me an update. “Just to let you know,” she whispers conspiratorially, “that Bono, The Edge and Maria McKee have just arrived and are seated in the audience.” Whatever version of the Tom Waits I’d planned to play become a free jazz odyssey featuring chords that Tom has never put in even his darkest of songs.

There’s a theme running here I know and it’s this: The certain knowledge that the bigger the Lounge Blogger’s window of opportunity the more likely it is that he trips up on the carpet of hubris and goes crashing through it. Join me tonight in the lounge and feel free to share your own worst moments. We’re going to be playing one of the artists I mention (to show there are no hard feelings) and a lot of wonderful other things beside.