Uh-huh. What is that? ‘Thanks very much,’ you say ‘Uh- huh,’ comes back the response.

You haven’t had it? Then you’ve have never been to the wonderful country that Borat calls U S and A. Because when in America you say, ‘There you go’ or ‘After you’ they will give you a uh-huh. It seems to me to mean -that I have recognised your kind gesture and recognise that many men such as yourself wouldn’t dream of holding that door open for me and I’d love to say all those things to you but I really cannae be arsed so I’ll just say…..uh-huh.

I love America…..the places, people and the music (could take a different president or two but in time they’ll go) but I have never got the uh-huh. I can see where it comes from but it belongs in the same recycle pile as the expression….’you’ve got an accent!’ You don’t know that one? Oh that will happen too my friend. You engage with one of the many lovely locals and you give your consonants an exrta rasp or use a little Scottish patois and they will stand back in shocked excitement and exclaim, “YOU’VE GOT AN ACCENT!” – Yes, yes I do and believe it or not there are millions of them out there. And what’s more, if you think I sound daft, wait till you meet my cousin who lives in Peterculter. (actually I don’t have any cousins in Peterculter but they’re not to know that.)

Having said all this the reason I’m on top of the uh-huh is that I was on a plane from Italy back to old Jocko land yesterday and as I said thank you to the geezer beside me for letting me past me and he quietly said…uh-huh. This guy wasn’t American – I don’t believe he looked Canadian either (whatever that might be). I think he was one of our European brothers and sisters and there he was, brazen as you like, boldly uh-huhing with the best of them. I tell you friends….and especially you US bloggers….let’s nip this in the bud. The huh stops here.