like record companies……

A couple of weeks ago I had a mountain of CDs on my desk, another assorted pile on my passenger seat and various others scattered about the house. I needed to listen. How often had I sent tapes and CDs and MP3s off and expected people to listen and respond? How often had I darkly muttered that people should listen respectively to records. For whatever reason, Mr Murdoch and I are now receiving even more CDs than ever before and for that we thank you.

They come from Major Record Labels, Independent Labels, Wannabe Labels and people just sending out records. Feeling slightly intimidated by the volume I found myself saying that perhaps record companies should be trusted…I know…..but it was a weak moment. I’d begun to think that if record companies had passed on all this material then perhaps it would save us the bother. Then it happened. I picked up the unlikeliest CD of them all.

Wrapped in a plain plastic sleeve with hand written notes and a pile (thick pile) of, what at first appeared to be biog notes. But no – these were not biog notes, these were lyric sheets and…chords and capo positions. And yet – perhaps remembering how sympathetic I hoped the recipient of my mumblings might have been – I carried on. To my surprise and joy it was not only better than I had expected but good enough for Richard and I to include it on Friday. Don’t miss the moment when I play ‘Beautiful Morning’ on this week’s show.

But allow me to cut to the chase. The event of the week here in Wild West of Glasgow has been the visit of KD Lang to the best looking but most ill-designed of concert venues in the city. (It’s a real trip externally but slightly dull inside and plain awkward backstage)

We caught up with her in her dressing room before the sound check and I managed to get back to see the show later in the evening. It was a real pleasure to chat to KD and her concert was a total triumph. We talk about the great ‘Sing It Loud’, we find out why she now co credits her work with the Sis Boom Bang and what happens what her next high profile collaboration will celebrate.

In other news: More from the great Hayes Carl, a wonderful sonic treat from friends from Sweden including Ane Brun and First Aid Kit and we will reflect on the sad passing of Andrew Gold.

Finally we remember the moment when Bob Dylan first got religion in a big way as we move into the seventies with ‘Slow Train Coming.’ It’s all going to be good and it starts at five past eight on Friday evening.