On Sunday’s show we discuss the influence of faith with four artists. From Amsterdam we hear from Mohammed Ali (yes..but not that one) who has been putting messages of peace, love and brotherhood from the Quran into his Graffiti. Paul Martin lets me share a coffee in his garden studio and talks about how his painting tries to echo God’s creation as it ‘becomes’ something. What, you can find out at his forthcoming exhibition at the Henderson Gallery.

We’re joined in the studio by David Martin whose visits to Egypt, Syria and Ethiopia transformed his painting and his spiritual outlook. Jane Frere has also travelled extensively and she will talk about her long journey that started in Poland and ended sharing space in a refugee camp in East Jerusalem.

Music : The Big Dish – Christina’s World
Neil Young – The Painter
Simon and Garfunkel – So Long, Frnk Lloyd Wright
Michael Marra – Frida Kahlo’s Visit to The Taybridge Bar

You can find out more about Mohammed Ali here: www.aerosolarabic.com
Paul Martin’s forthcoming exhibition – ‘Through A Glass Darkly’ is at The Henderson Gallery, Edinburgh from21st August – right through September.
Some of David Martin’s work can be seen here:www.davemartist.com
Return of The Soul, The Nakbeh project is described in great detail here: http://www.thisweekinpalestine.com/details.php?id=2461&ed=153&edid=153

The link I mentioned is www.alnakbah.net

There is also an amazing video of the installation in Palestine here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRY4RzMSpmg&feature=player_embedded