This Sunday will be my last show (in this present run) for the Sunday Morning show. On the last show I
have not managed to speak to any Jesuits a promised but will manage to talk to members of the staff at Glasgow’s Lodging house Mission,some parents trying to pass on faith or lack of faith to their children,
a very articulate 13 year old called Suzannah who enjoys her church life and lastly Naim Ateek an
Arab,Israeli, Christian Palestinian who runs the Sabeel centre for Liberation Theology in Jerusalem. All at 8.

Next Tuesday (1st September) I’l be back at 8 in the evening for a new series of Another Country. This really will be our most ambitious series so far. The good Richard has been lassoing the cream of new American bands and Americana artists and corralling them into the studio to perform session tracks from us.

Band of the year for a lot of people so far this year has been Grizzly Bear. I’m pleased to announce that they will
be our guests next Tuesday. Don’t miss a thing. Tune in at 8 and, as ever, send in emails and texts on artists to whom you are enjoying listening.

here’s a couple of links.

Lodging House Mission –

Sabeel Centre –