Have you ever been to a ’round?’ If not, this week’s AC will enlighten and, hopefully, delight you. Let me tell you how it works.

In Music City and famously at The Bluebird Cafe, The Round is the performance format which is often staged to showcase the songwriters of the city. You may not know the names of course, but you will probably know some of the songs. In the centre of the room four chairs are placed facing inwards. Around the circle are the tables where the customers can enjoy a light supper and a few drinks all served by the most discreet staff you’ll ever witness. The four songwriters will assemble and in turn perform a song before passing on the musical baton to the next singer in the circle. So the round carries on while stories are told and the songs flow.

I suspect many of you will have experienced some of these nights and can vouch at how special they can be. We’ve been lucky enough to host a round in one of our sister studios in Nashville during our last visit to the city. On this week’s show we will give you a slightly different emphasis as we host three of Music City’s youngest stars.

Priscilla Block, Tiera Kennedy and Morgan Wade were the three singer songwriters chosen to open C2C’s Saturday line up at this year’s festival. The Hydro crowd got a chance to see these talented women a couple of weeks ago, but the great news is that, before they journeyed across the river, they spent an hour singing and telling stories in Studio One at BBC Radio Scotland. I got to sit in on the round and ask a few questions about each of their stories. You can hear all of this round on this week’s Another Country.

As well as the three singers I’ll play you some other tracks from stand out artists who featured at this year’s C2C. Listen out for songs from Brittney Spencer, Seaforth and Tenille Arts. We’ll also, as ever, have some killer new releases too. It all starts at five past eight on BBC Radio Scotland and whenever you want to listen on BBC Sounds. Join me if you can.