It had been a good day. We’d travelled along the south facing coast towards Cardigan Bay from an hour or so further along the coastline. We’d had long catch up conversations with our family and ended up trekking along a gorgeous coastal path as the sea and sky skirted with every weather mood it could imagine. We dodged the rain, braced ourselves against the wind and occasionally caught the sun as we took in the panorama. By late evening we’d felt the day, and most of the weekend we’d planned, was all but over.

I’d intended to catch some of the Glastonbury highlights and hoped to see as much of the Paul McCartney performance as I could. Little did I realise how late I’d stay up. At 1:30 I collapsed into bed having witnessed one of the most life affirming concerts I’ve ever been lucky enough to watch. If music on TV has seemed to follow a predictable trajectory over the last thirty odd years then I suggest to you that Paul McCartney may well have re written the rule book. I don’t think any exception or clarification should be given for age…if you can’t do the gig, you can’t do it…but this? This was a gig that 25 years olds would have found exhausting. In fact, it was exhausting just watching it.

Everything was there. The Beatles, solo, Wings and Wings B sides. Then  there was Springsteen…you know all this of course. So why am still talking about it? Simply put, I think Saturday night and early Sunday morning proved once again how important music is. It showed once more that music can make you think you’re walking one way then pick you up and point you in the opposite direction. Reader: it changes everything.

Crowds at Pyramid stage

It was also a great contrast to one of the more disappointing live events I’d witnessed a few days earlier. I had been intrigued to see Little Big Town supporting the Eagles. I was also interested in hearing Vince Gill replacing the late Glenn Frey. Vince was great, LBT were on a little early but I did catch a spirited Girl Crush through a rather muted PA which miraculously came alive for the headliners. They (The Eagles) sounded great, but there was no sense of a gig which any of the people on stage seemed to be enjoying. There was little musical camaraderie and the distinct impression lingered that money was the driving force. In contrast I felt Paul might have happily played all night for nothing.

So it is with some surprise and a little humility I have to confess that, this week, TV has won the day. There are lots of Glastonbury moments to check out but from what I saw I recommend Jack White, Self Esteem and Kacey Musgraves. Do tell me your own favourite bits too.

On this week’s AC I’ll try to keep that positivity going as we celebrate 2022 so far. We’ll play some of our favourite things as well as bringing you great new tracks from Loudon Wainwright, Eric Paslay, Tre Burt, Brandi Carlile and Courtney Marie Andrews.

We’re on from five past eight on BBC Radio Scotland this Tuesday evening and at a time and place of your own choosing on BBC Sounds. Join me if you can.